the centre

Who can use the services of the Center.
The Centre wishes to involve the whole Mediterranean community at formal and informal education levels.
It is especially open to:

 a. teachers of all school grades and levels;
 b. school students of all grades and levels;
 c. experts and specialists of the various subjects devoted to enviromental analysis and related educational methods;
 d. societies, bodies and group operating in the field of environmental education and interested in promoting environmental education activities and initiatives;
 e. individual members of the Mediterranean Community;
 f. advisors and staff of Civil Service, municipalities, emabassies and consulates, European Community and any other political-economic community working in the region;
 g. educators and trainers who believe in the formative import of the environment;
 h. directors of educative centres.

Centre Membership.
The founding members of the Centre are its first effective members. Those who share our aims can subscribe and thereby become members of the Centre, according to the provisions of its articles.
Associations and groups sharing the aims of the Centre that wish to support its initiatives can do so via an appointed representative of their organization.